International Cave Photographers Meeting  2018

Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA 21-28 April 2018


Fotografie z Mezinárodního setkání jeskynních fotografů ICPM 2018 Carlsbad – Nové Mexiko a následné naší cesty na západ.

Jeskynní fotografie jakož i speleologie obecně je dílem téměř vždy společným. Na autorství těchto fotografií se podíleli:


The photographers

Marek Audy, Richard Bouda, Kevin Downey

The assistants:

Libor Láník, Cyndie Walck, Scott Christenson

The purpose of the meeting is to make friends, share our views and experiences on cave photography in a pure spirit of friendship and cooperation.

Several years ago, a group of avid cavers in France who are also passionate about cave photography wanted to bring people they had met from around the world together for a meeting. They invited other people who shared their dual passions to spend a week's time in their country and some of its caves. Their objective was to enable this diverse (and perhaps unusual) group of people to meet each other, and to share their ideas, experiences, and work. Their vision was realized in 2011, with the first International Meeting of Cave Photographers taking place at the picturesque village of Olargues, France. The idea was very well received, especially considering there have been similar meetings in other countries since then, and not without a bit of competition for the honor of hosting.